Life-Saving Tips To Prevent Your Laptop From Running Slow

Life-Saving Tips To Prevent Your Laptop From Running Slow

Computers, especially laptops, have become more than just personal assistants for so many people in today’s world. These days, practically all major tasks are heaped on our laptops. Essential documents, spreadsheets, music playlist, movies, and other kinds of stuff are all stored on our laptops for quick retrieval when the need arises.

But what could be more infuriating than having to wait those extra minutes just to get your laptop powered on, to open an application, or to get busy with an important task? I guess nothing beats this.

A laptop that runs slow is a nightmare no one ever wants to encounter. But the truth is we all have at some point. Understanding why laptops could suddenly start running slow would sure help in knowing how to prevent your laptop from gradually creeping into the ‘slow laptops’ category.

Like the human brain, a laptop is a powerful processing machine with so much happening every time it is in operation. The truth, however, is that there is always a breaking point which can be reached. So the major reason which could lead to your computer running slow is basically ‘usage.’ As you download different programs, install applications and software, load up your laptop hard drive with movies and music, all of these activities pretty much impact the overall performance of your computer.

Now that you know the major cause of slow laptops let us examine some basic tips to prevent your laptop from running slow.

  • Uninstall unwanted programs

Just like our personal bookshelves, there are certain books we barely open; the same goes for our computers. Are there specific installed programs on your laptop which you barely use or have never used? Some of these programs came pre-installed when you got the laptop, while there are some which maybe you once needed of, but no longer do. Most of these programs have a way of running in the background even without you being aware; thereby causing your computer process to slow down.



  • Get a larger hard drive storage

Your laptop has in it a hard drive which serves as permanent storage, and it is in there you have all of those saved documents, movies, pictures, software, etc. Practically, they all have a seat somewhere in that hard drive.


The more stuff you have stored on your hard drive, the more choked or full it becomes. This would definitely play a part in slowing down your laptop operation. This can, however, be easily fixed by replacing your current hard drive with a larger storage hard drive. A 1 terabyte hard drive would be great to store lots of movies, videos, etc.


  • Install a larger RAM

Your laptop RAM (Random Access Memory) is that part of your computer that mainly helps you run several applications all at the same time. The RAM is that memory which stores data temporarily while it is accessed or used.


The moment you begin to notice your laptop running slow when switching between programs, this may require replacing your laptop RAM for bigger storage size. Likewise, RAM comes in different sizes, such as 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, and beyond. They are also quite cheap once you know the right and reliable places to get them.


  • Carry out a disk defragmentation

I guess computer manufacturers knew right from the start that computers have the tendency to run slow due to use and other factors, and so they ‘added’ the disk defragment option in your computer.


A disk defragment is simply an operation carried out by the computer itself to optimize its hard drive efficiency, increase performance, and make your computer run effectively. Typing ‘defragment’ on the search bar when ‘start’ is clicked would take you down to the defragment option.


Nonetheless, in a situation where you have little or no knowledge on how to maneuver yourself around your computers, you should endeavor to seek the assistance of computer specialists accessible to you. They have in-depth expertise in solving both easy and complex computer-related issue without complicating it any further.

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